Thursday, May 31, 2012

Discovering New Skills

Last night was an interesting experience for me. Let's think about that statement for a moment... Isn't everything interesting right now in SL? The answer is a resounding "YES!" because it all seems so new to me. While I was talking to Gibsonstratman in the Classroom in the classroom last night, I happened to mention the Money Tree on VAI. I encouraged him to go look for it because you can get free money from the tree but only within the first 30 days as a newbie. We teleported down and gosh darn it, I couldn't find it. So annoying! Gibsonstratman had to leave but since I was determined to find it, I continued to look. While on VAI, I saw all kinds of structures and equipment like swings, slides, and boats. I hadn't paid any attention to those before but since I'm braver now, I tried them out. So, the swing really swings and Tis really looks like she's swinging. I put her in a boat and she started rowing - fascinating! At one point, she rowed into a bridge. I thought she would go through it but no, she continued rowing - and hitting her head on the bridge. I turned her around and toured her around the island in the boat. What fun! After I took her out of the boat, the script said that if I no longer needed the boat, it would disappear in one minute. I was intrigued when I considered the script that accompanies that object. Now, I don't want to just try building, I want to learn some scripting.

By the way, while I was rowing around the island, I found the Money Tree! I would never have found it just walking around. I had to be in the boat. Another thought occurred to me... is it possible the Tree is moved from time to time? The area I found it in was really only visible from the water. Curious...

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  1. Yay Tisgirl, seems like a long time ago we looked for that money tree. I think you sent me a landmark for it. I need to go and look for it in my inventory maybe? Anyways, it was fun to travel around and do that stuff together. I think i will investiagte that place as well...boating and swinging seem like fun after a hard day at work. Thanks again for your time and help that night. See you sometime in SL. Gibson! (MB)