Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eureka! Marlboro Island

After being absent from SL for a few days, I've rejoined TisGirl in her quest to find Marlboro Island. The reality is that this isn't much of a quest since Jane sent me an invitation. Once I teleported there, I experimented with all sorts of cool assignments. I realize these are meant to help me acquire some skills that I need to help acclimate TisGirl to her environment. So far I've learned to fly, after hitting the sides of hoop several times. What part of "ascend" did I not get? I tried on a hat (losing my hair in the process), sent an IM and a request for a friend, and experienced a sunrise and sunset. It was a full day. No time for Dublin, though. It's a beautiful day in the physical world and it's time to be outside in it.

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