Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Help from My Friends

Tonight I decided I wanted to try building something - anything! I didn't want to work on it in the classroom because, I figured I would need a little space.  I flew up, up, up and landed on a platform I thought was the zoo. It turned out to be Technotooltim's platform and he was making these wonderful pillars. I had made a box with a picture in it but nothing like I was seeing on his platform. He taught me to spin boxes until they sort of  resembled the nice twists he had. It was an interesting exercise to try and follow his direction based on what he saw me do and what I was describing on my "build" menu. Between that, Barbarathelibrarian's share of jeans, a trip to the free store for clothes, it was a very satisfying day... that is, once Esme bailed me out of the jam I was in with all of those boxes...

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