Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Encounter

As I open SL, I see I'm still bald... Darn, I thought the hair would just come back on its own, although Esme said it wouldn't. While I'm struggling with my lack of style in picking out another hairstyle (why can't I find the original one?), I notice another avatar (technotooltim) - quick, look him up in the handy dandy "Worthy Questions" doc. Yes! He's one of ours - logically, who else would he be? He approaches TisGirl and as I'm watching, the word "Hi" appears. Oh dear, another challenge...consult the "how to" section which indicates the "chat" button. You'd think I would have seen that before.  Fortunately, technotooltim is patient and waits for me to figure it out. He offers some tips: using the scroll wheel on the mouse to view words to blurred to read and the location of other assignments. He also shows me where other parts of Marlboro Island are. I have to fly to get to them. This is so cool... uh, I should probably concentrate on TisGirl's landing skills. She just fell into a bunch of rocks. Not to worry, though. She's shockingly resilient!

Overall, an excellent adventure. My first encounter with another avatar has been very positive. This was more fun than I expected!

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