Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Personality Extension

My conversation with my son about VWs continued over the next few days. As I was catching up on forums in the Moodle before going into SL, my son sat down with me and asked if he could see it. Well, gee, I never had one of my kids express that much interest in my work or classes so of course, I agreed. I was a little self conscious as I logged in and attempted to maneuver TisGirl around. My son is so adept and I felt clumsy and awkward. Still, he was a patient observer and made a few helpful suggestions.

I showed him some of the other areas of Marlboro Island such as that zoo in the sky. Somehow, and I can't remember how, I teleported TisGirl to a beginner area for newbies. As we were taking in our new surroundings, we were confronted by a tiny avatar - some kind of greeter? As I less than deftly moved TisGirl away, my son said "Wait, he talked to you." What?! I generally "blow past" strangers who talk to me on the street in unknown towns, so of course, I was doing the same in SL. "A little anti-social, are we?" my son remarked mildly. Whoops... That was unkind of me. The little man had said "hi" and was asking if I was new. Surely, I could give him the courtesy of a response. Was my son "schooling" me on proper etiquette? As it turned out, the little man gave me a nice tip: always be sure to organize my inventory as it will be too hard to deal with later. I thanked him and after chatting about exploring the area, I moved TisGirl on.

Lesson learned - it's o.k. to respond. I already knew that from the travel guide Jane posted but when confronted "in the moment," old habits and a shyer personality overrode the tips listed in the guide.

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