Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blending RWs with VWs

A few observations as I continue to navigate the virtual world...

  • Yesterday, when I went to get my haircut, I noticed a lovely bowl of lemons sitting on the table in the waiting area. I had seen that before in my other trips to the salon so the bowl itself was not unusual. What was unusual was my connection to it. Now, I thought of it in terms of assignments and that if I were to click on it (not that it can be done in the RW!), I would get a menu.  Weird connection, but there it was.
  • Second Life now figures in my dreams. I was dreaming that Tis was cold and I kept thinking I should find her a jacket. The reality was that I was cold and I just needed to pull up the blanket!
  • Today, we went on a tour of different destinations. Esme gave us a list and we went to Genome Island and the Space Museum. We took a flight to the Space Station. Our rocket disappeared when we arrived, which was a little unsettling. There were paths around the space station which I was fine while walking on them. I flew up to inspect the rest of the station and while I was up there, I saw Gibson plummet! Now I had a pit in my stomach and carefully navigated my way back to the path in order to land safely. It was an odd reaction on my part, although I have experienced the same sensation while playing Wii Fit. There's an obstacle course that's up in the air. I rarely play it because I have a fear of falling off of it. Esme explained that if I had "fallen," I would have simply fallen out of the box and gone "splat." Avatars simply dust themselves off after a "splat." Whew!

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