Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Impressions for Quest Atlantis

I went back to look at my first few postings for Second Life and World of Warcraft. I remember feeling "creeped" out by SL and terrified by WoW. Within a few visits, however, I was soon feeling more adventuresome and comfortable with the format. I'm hoping I'll feel the same with QA. Right now, I'm irritated, annoyed and feeling trapped.

List of annoyances:

  1. Here's me - I signed up with  "sbisaccio" not realizing it would be my avatar's name. Apparently, it will require dispensation from many people in authority to change it. I'm annoyed about that. 
  2. Help files require logging in again - except that it wouldn't allow me in while I was in world. I could log in to the help file while I was out of world. I'm definitely irritated now!
  3. I'm trapped in a loop. I went to Emissary Island - seemingly the only available venue at this time where a principal told me to view a slideshow (PowerPoint - not that!). I went through half of the slides and then it was apparently time to move on. I needed to talk to other teachers - this was all canned dialogue, mind you. I was eventually able to make my way back to the classroom where I was told to click on the terminal that would take me to the next step. Unfortunately, I was reminded that I hadn't finished the slideshow. I haven't been able to move from there.
Let's see how this compares with the other VWs I've been to...
On the right is Trulytis with nary a skill to her name.The only thing in her backpack is a hearthstone for Coldridge Valley. Down below is TisGirl with the wide open space of Marlboro Island. A maze awaits her and a tunnel to learn to fly through. Both feel intimidated, a bit frightened, but neither are annoyed!
Let's hope QA gets better since I don't know that there are too many options for elementary kids!

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