Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gaining Skills

This is my second week of playing WoW. I'm now at Level 8 and have completed around 15 quests. I've battled Frostmane Snowstriders and Wendigos. I've ridden on a Gryphon and last week I was on a Geocopter. It's been a busy couple of weeks.  A few observations/tips:

  • The more I do, the harder and longer the quests. There also a distance away on the map. That's to be expected. I have more expertise so now I'm capable of going farther and doing more. Also, there are more bad guys outside of Coldridge Valley and I needed to "level up" before being confronted by them.
  • Beings attack me now. They never used to attack first. Again, the safety of my starting point allowed me to gain a few more skills before going out into the world. Now every venture off the beaten path is fraught with danger. One tip I learned from the intro part of the game is that staying close to the road means it's less likely I'll encounter trouble from "bad guys."
  • When in doubt, ask. One of my quests required me to go to Kharanos. The only problem was I couldn't get through to Kharanos because of a cave-in. I killed the same Rockjaw Invader as I tried to go through again and again. I attempted to cross the mountains but this was too much of a challenge. They're so steep, Trulytis kept running sideways. After circling the area for an hour, I finally asked my son for some ideas who said, "why don't you just ask that guy?" Sure enough, there was a guy standing next to the tracks outside the cave who said the rocks had been cleared from the cave-in. I killed a number of Rockjaw invaders and I was on my way. 
    • On that note, I've learned to look on the Internet for answers. I've Googled a few of the quests when I couldn't find my way, and the descriptions from WoWwiki have been helpful in helping me change my focus.
  • "Dead" is a good time to take a break. When I first "died," I asked for my spirit to be released immediately. Now, I take a bathroom break, let the dogs out, throw some laundry in the machine. etc. By the time I get back,  I'm usually within 30 seconds of release. I was o.k. with "dead" one time because I was having difficulty getting out of "Grizzled Den." I couldn't seem to find my way out and I kept getting attacked by Wendigos. "Dead" put me back in Kharanos in the cemetery so I was finally out of the cave. Too bad my next quest has me right back in there.
  • Try not to play too close to bedtime. Because of work, I didn't have much choice as far as to when I had time to play. The only problem was some of the quests were so frightening to me that my heart would be racing while I was battling the bad guy of the quest. I'm usually so wound up that there's no possibility of going to sleep right away. Also, and I noticed this with Second Life, I find myself being "Trulytis" or TisGirl all night long which means I'm either on a quest or I'm trying to build something. Either way, sleep doesn't seem that restorative.

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