Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well, this was an interesting evening. My first real experience in World of Warcraft and I hardly set the world on fire with my skill. In SL, I use my arrow keys to move; in WoW, it's "W," "A," etc. That shouldn't have been that big a deal but when you're running into walls and going up the side of the hill instead of forward, well, that's just downright embarrassing.

Another thing to get used to in this virtual world are the sounds. Constant sounds of creatures yelling and grunting is a bit disconcerting - not to mention the body falling at your feet. There seemed to be a lot of those and that was o.k. with folks. I couldn't be sure as to their intent in the killing. Then there's the music. Clearly music is used to indicate the type of area, changing in intensity so as you pass into darker places, you can't help but feel a frisson of danger. I appeared to sustain damage at some point but moved on anyway. No idea how that worked!

There are quests to do and the one I was given (but I didn't know what it meant) said to "hold the line." I'll need to do some research to figure out how I go about fulfilling a quest. A few other things I need to research are the chat feature. I had no clue on that one. I also couldn't figure out to exit. Well, when in doubt, Alt + F4 is always an option!

I must admit I'm not as riveted as I was with Second Life. It might be because I'm not much of a warrior. Then there's the possibility that I didn't like it that much because it didn't come easily to me. This is also a humbling thought...

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