Sunday, June 17, 2012

WoW: 2nd Thoughts

This is why it's good to reflect at the beginning of an adventure. My first foray into WoW was not noteworthy. I was happier in SL because I was having success. I didn't see the point of WoW, my skill set was negligible, so therefore, I wasn't having any fun.

Fortunately, there were assignments to do so I really needed to get back into the fray. I missed the class on Sunday, due to Fathers' Day activities so I went in on my own. There was OliveTree! Ah, a friendly face - even if she didn't look the same. Actually, she looked like me (except her hair was different). Still there were assignments to do and I couldn't linger for long.  I embarked on my first quest, killed a Rockjaw Invader but I didn't know how I did it. I went up against one of the other bigger dudes and ended up dying. That was interesting - a cemetery and creepy music.

My son stopped in about this time and gave me a few quick tips about attacking. Soon I was attacking with some skill. I began moving up in levels and I discovered I was having fun. I learned how to sell goods and buy other things. I learned to follow the map which I'm sure was the point of the 4th quest I did.

In my earlier blog, I reflected on whether I didn't enjoy WoW because I wasn't successful. Today, I had success, I enjoyed myself and I understood the game better. What does that say about learning?


  1. Like you I liked SL better but more because what happens there is not scripted, it's not a game. I too kept dying and sometimes went back knowing that I was going to die again because I hadn't figured how to beet the enemy yet. I was getting frustrated and then I decided why not take it slower, go back to doing easy stuff and just get more xp points then go back to those ugly beasts when I was stronger. It is fun when you find a way to get better your way and at your own pace and even better when you are part of a group and knowing that they are there if you need their help.

    I love your picture by the way. Those rides are a lot of fun :). I use printscreen to get the pictures. what do you use?

  2. Tis/Sally :)I lied (unintentionally), I tried to use print screen but it wasn't taking a pic of wow but of anything else that I had open in the background at the same time. However I use Fraps now. It's a great software and the basic in free. I will post something about it in the forums