Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moving On

Level 13, new cape, new weapon (Stonesplinter Staff)

Just like that, World of Warcraft was done. This was the last week and we (as a class) are ready to move on. I look back at the first few postings - I see concerns about ineptitude and fear of battle. Later, I experienced many (did I emphasize "many" enough?) deaths and went to so many cemeteries, I became more familiar with the terrain in shades of gray than with it in color. Case in point, while on a quest for "Bigger and Uglier" in Loch Modan, I was having difficulty finding my quarry. They (the Stonesplinter Shamans and Stonesplinter Bonesnappers) were located in a cave - only I couldn't find the entrance. The map indicated I was right on top of it but I couldn't see it anywhere. When I died again after battling it out with the only cave dweller I could find, Gorick Guzzledraught, (I was sure the Stonesplinter crew was behind him), I actually chose to stay dead and proceeded to search other areas without any worries of being ambushed. I stumbled across the opening to the cave while I was dead. Once I knew where it was, I went back for my corpse and continued on the quest.

I've spent time learning about the backpack and Mage trivia. I learned how to read the map and that if it looks like the only way to get there is to go over a mountain, it might be worth my time looking for a roundabout way. Running everywhere was time consuming so when I received a quest to take a gryphon ride, a whole world (virtually!) opened up. I found the gryphon master everywhere I went so I could get around easily.  I learned (today, thanks to Esmeque) that guards are a font of information and I really didn't need to spend so much time looking on my own for inns, merchants, and trainers. I learned to use my weapons and spells to a certain extent but I'm reasonably certain I needed to be more efficient, judging by the amount of time I spent in a "dead" state. I learned to attack from a distance and that melee battle with more than one combatant usually resulted in my death - probably as a result of inefficient use of weaponry and spells. I began managing my backpack better but there's much work to be done there

I know I can go back and visit Trulytis but it seems the quest to gain an understanding of WoW and its potential for use in the classroom has been accomplished and somehow, that takes some of the need to learn more away. I miss it already - even the heart racing as I approached a fearsome combatant. I enjoyed Trulytis - she's brave, takes on an adversary that will surely beat her and learns to get herself out of trouble quickly. I wish I were more like her...

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  1. Hi Sally - I think you ARE brave and fearless for entering the WoW world and reaching level 13! WOW! I too have lost the urge to continue on the quests, even though it would be fun. We have gained a great deal of understanding about strategy and choice, and using our resources. I keep thinking about things I could have done differently had I known. Surely this is an important take-away as we apply what we have gained from our shared experience together. I am mulling over how this could apply to teaching a class and there is much food for thought.